Tom and Denny on the Road

Interviewing Local Minnesota Bluegrass bands, Regional Bluegrass Bands, and National Bluegrass bands. As well as featuring the music of the interviewees.

Join Denny and Tom as we explore the wonderful and exciting world of bluegrass Music on location and in studio Interviews 

Playing music is about creativity, passion, and expression. Sometimes, the best way to unlock your creative side and take it to new heights is with a bit of guidance and a little push from another musician.

Strumming, Playing & Picking

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Tom and Denny with Clay Hess from the Clay Hess Band


Left to right Lorraine Jordan's Nephew, Lorraine Jordan, Tom, Rebecca Frazier, Denny, members of the "Carolina Road" band Under the Buffalo Bluegrass Sunday Afternoon. Featuring "Monroe Crossing" with Special Guests: Singleton Street & Rainbolt Mountain Project Sunday Oct 29th 2017.

Marc Pruitt, Tim Surrett, Darren Nicholson, Tom, Buddy Melton, Caleb Smith (Balsam Range)

Marty Raybon & Tom Schuveiller

Frank Solivan, Tom and Denny

Denny, Rhonda Vincent and Tom

Audie McGinnis of the group Unspoken Tradition and his wife are looking for help. They started out fostering a couple of young children which ended in heartbreak. They sold their house to use the money for fertility treatments. the money didn't last. They are now back to the point of adopting but this cost alot of money. The Bluegrass Community has set up a go fund me page Please visit and donate to help Audie and Bethann McGinnis 



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Tom and Mountain Faith

Tom and Doyle Lawson

Tom and Milpas Brothers

Tom and Penny Creek Band

 Tom and The Son's of the Silver Dollar

Tom and The Horse Creek Blugrass Band

Tom and Sam Bush with Janine Carter